CAPLUS® is a newly developed specialty amine formulation for the global oil & gas industry in the area of acid gas removal.

It is based on Evonik's advanced competencies in amine chemistry and the first of a brand new generation of acid gas removal solvents. CAPLUS® is a high-performance solvent dedicated to the treatment of CO2- and H2S-containing streams for natural gas, syngas and biogas applications.

The utilization of Evonik's drop-in solution results in less foaming, less corrosion, less degradation, as well as energy savings. It offers potential for an increase in plant capacity and provides a tremendous value proposition to our customers.

CAPLUS® – Superior performance

Our solution allows an increase in plant capacity and provides a strong value proposition to our customers. Drop in solution with …

  • Capacity increase potential
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Less degradation
  • Less foaming
  • Less corrosion

Superior technical performance and a high quality service package are Evonik's unique selling proposition and differentiate us from our competitors.