CAPLUS® is Evonik's newly developed proprietary specialty amine formulation for the global oil and gas industry in the area of acid gas removal. It can be used in applications such as natural gas treatment, syngas purification, biogas upgrading, flue gas treatment and LNG facilities, among others.

The name CAPLUS® reflects the product’s "CApture PLUS" and "CApacity PLUS" advantages, two of its most significant attributes.

CAPLUS® is a drop-in solution and can be used to replace other aqueous amine-based solutions. It enables plant operators to run their plants with less foaming, less corrosion, less degradation, energy savings and offers great potential for an increase in capacity.

CAPLUS® was developed after several years of R&D effort by our scientists and is based on Evonik's strong and long-standing expertise in producing specialty amines. CAPLUS® is already being used in commercial plants for leveraging the specific benefits of the absorbent.

No, CAPLUS® is a drop-in solution. After properly checking the capabilities of the AGRU, CAPLUS® and its performance benefits can be fully utilized after the old amine system has been drained and then filled with CAPLUS®. It would even be possible to make gradual improvements to plant performance by implementing an "on-the-fly" swap with CAPLUS® without requiring a shutdown of the plant. This concept was developed by Evonik engineers and enables full operation of the AGRU during the swap. Using the existing plant facilities, we are able to partially replace the existing amine solution with CAPLUS®.

It is a proprietary absorbent based on hindered amine chemistry. It is an aqueous solution.

No, CAPLUS® does not need an activator.

CAPLUS® foams less in operation compared to typical alkanolamines. When using CAPLUS® the use of anti-foaming agents can be drastically reduced or completely stopped.


Since CAPLUS® is an amine, it does not react or negatively interfere with other amines in the case of a mixture.


Evonik offers a broad range of technical support for our customers. It starts with initial simulation studies to show the value that CAPLUS® can bring to the customer's plant. Prior to an absorbent swap, we double-check the various items of plant equipment in order to make sure that it works properly with CAPLUS®. We will be on-site during the swap and can even develop further concepts (like on-the-fly) if necessary, train the operators to have full control over CAPLUS®-operating conditions, conduct absorbent monitoring in Evonik labs and enable the customer to monitor the absorbent. Furthermore, we can carry out plant optimization studies, troubleshooting and assessment of new gas conditions.